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Updated: May 17, 2019

Welcome to my blog page, I have decided to begin to document the work I am doing and the experiences that I am gaining in my attempts to deliver community interventions in Stoke on Trent and beyond.

I am often asked what I do for a living and at times it’s difficult to explain as my 3 social enterprises provide me with a platform to do lots of different things. However seen as this is my 1st post I suppose it’s time to try and nail down a paragraph which explains my work accurately, so here goes.

I create innovative, engaging and interactive community activities for people of all ages. These activities are my actions to provide people with fun learning experiences which inform and show them how they can lead a more positive & healthy lifestyle.

I work in partnerships with local authorities, education providers and many other community based agencies who use my services to inspire people to become more aware of the healthy behaviours which they can implement in their life to help them to feel happy, more confident and to raise their aspirations.

My services tackle growing health & wellbeing concerns such as poor emotional well-being, and obesity and offers diversionary activities which reduces youth vulnerability & violence, social isolation and homelessness to name but a few.

Okay. So it was 3 paragraphs.... but I hope that does the trick.


Marvin Molloy

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