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Self Isolation Delights

Community Ventures recently received funding from the ‪The Community Foundation for Staffordshire’s Emergency Covid-19 Fund #NETCoronaVirusAppeal.

During our extensive work in the community during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were learning that there were a large number of people who were becoming increasingly vulnerable and facing real issues in accessing healthy foods and meals which would support them to stay strong and to stay safe during this challenging time.

Community Ventures worked in partnership with Nutribox and were able to provide over 300 meals to residents across the city of Stoke-on-Trent during a 5 week period. These meals assisted residents who had complex dietary requirements or who were extremely limited in what groceries they were able to access.

Whilst delivering the service we heard stories from our service users of them going hungry and becoming anxious about how they were going to get through each day without food.

Nutribox Chef Christopher Bestwick who freshly prepared and delivered the meals to the doors of the residents said

“This project opened my eyes to things that I don’t see in my everyday life. People who are alone, people who are vulnerable and people who just needed a good deed during an unprecedented time.”

The residents who received their meals were all really grateful for the service and they said “they felt lucky to have been looked after so well.” They commented that “the meals were delicious and that they looked forward to eating them every day.” They appreciated their conversations at their steps with Chris who also “loved hearing and seeing the benefits the Cooking in the Community project had been having on them.”

Community Ventures are delighted to have been able to host such a fantastic and impactful project. We were also delighted to work with Nutribox, a local healthy fast food organisation who had been forced to close their doors during the lockdown period.

This project helped them to keep their business active during a difficult time for them and they were inspired by the project. They also hosted virtual community cook along sessions where they dropped off bags of healthy ingredients to the doors of local residents, who could then access a YouTube link and have a go at cooking healthy meals under the supervision of Chris.

We have learnt that services like this are needed for our most vulnerable community members all year round and we are inspired to find and create more opportunities like we did with our Cooking in The Community Project to improve the health of people living in our communities.

Take a look at our video to see how we Community Ventures and Nutribox worked together

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