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Introducing Together We Make A Difference TWMAD

Updated: May 29, 2019

Together We Make A Difference is a youth engagement & mentoring service, it was set up to provide me with a platform to do work with young people, It was something that I really enjoyed and felt that I was really good at, so I thought why not create something and see where it takes me.

When in and around young people I found that I could build rapport, engage and positively influence and following a few discussions with my cousin Trevor we formed TWMAD. The idea was to blend my skills and experiences with Trevor’s ability to coach high performance sales teams and create a range of services and programmes that would inspire a generation of young people to go on to enjoy brighter futures no matter what their starting point in life was.

Our Services

  • Ignite Your Future

  • One21 Coaching

  • On The Brink Education

  • On the Brink Community

  • Design Your Future

Our Flagship programme is Ignite Your Future and we have delivered this programme to around 300 students to date.

TWMAD has helped students to make significant improvements in their lives, and academically and we have helped some to tackle real challenging issues in a positive way.

Our TWMAD services are here to assist schools, local authorities, youth services, vulnerably housed youngsters and communities to find ways that they can ensure that the youngsters that they care for are engaged in high level youth engagement activities which include coaching practices, explorative discussions and provide positive role models that have the ability to influence youngsters to find ways to make better decisions and become inspired to live their best life.

More details of all our services can be found at www.twmad.co.uk and I will be regularly documenting the work that we are doing with young people.

Here are some links to recent features from the local newspaper and radio stations around our services and the growing concerns around knife crime and young people.




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