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Introducing Nutribox

Nutribox was launched in 2018 following 2 years of planning and preparation.

Our objective is to create a culture where healthy eating is enjoyable and accessible for everybody.

It’s not just important for us to serve great meals, we want to help people to lead a healthier lifestyle with our services.

My role with Nutribox is mainly behind the scenes using my skills to work on the business rather than in it. I do get involved in the cooking in the delivery of the community cooking sessions though.

If you haven’t tried us yet then please bear Nutribox in mind next time you are wandering up and down super market aisle getting tempted by crisps and pastries.

Our intention is to grow this business over the coming years, but the food quality and level of service takes priority and we are doing a great job so far in attempting to ensure it becomes a successful and profitable business long term.

We currently offer 3 services:-

Main Menu - Our meals are made freshly to order, orders can be made through our booking app and customers state what time they want their meal ready for and we have it ready for them to collect.

Meal Prep - Our team prep up 10 pre cooked meals a week for customers who wish to eat healthy but don’t want to spend their valuable time in the kitchen. We have 3 package sizes, and we have 3 menus which we rotate weekly to ensure that customers get their variety. We have also added our healthy lunch campaign which is 1 meal per day provided by our team.

Cooking in the Community- Our team go out into schools, community centres or to local projects and provide cooking workshops which act as a diversionary & educational experience for people of all ages. We are currently delivering weekly school sessions as part of a #livesnotknives knife crime initiative.

A new website is coming very soon.

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