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Introducing Community Ventures

Community Ventures specialises in working in community development & engagement.

In 2019 I began working in community development on public health initiatives in Stoke on Trent.

The primary objective was to reduce health inequalities in disadvantaged communities, people from one end of the city were living on average 7 years longer than those in areas deemed deprived.

I learnt how to apply approaches that focus on the strengths, skills and assets that lie within our neighbourhoods and helped to develop and deliver some very successful interventions that residents loved to be a part of.

My guidance, approaches and experiences have helped residents to create the conditions needed to reduce health inequalities and to transform communities.

I had the pleasure of working alongside 2 ladies who shared my enthusiasm and passion for community and we created a track record of hosting, developing and delivering pioneering services tailored to meet the needs of communities, statutory organisations and business in communities across the UK.

In 2015 we set up Community Ventures to provide ground breaking and inspiring community development services.

We offer the following services

Public Health Community Health Interventions

Our team create bespoke services which apply asset-based approaches and provide local people with the knowledge, skills, confidence and opportunities to take action live healthier lifestyles, and make to healthy choices as easy as possible.

Training & Workshops

Specialist bespoke learning workshops and packages in Community Consultation, Engagement & Development.

Accounting for social value

Measure, calculate and report the Social Value created in the communities that they have supported to develop.

Social Activity Programmes

Our sessions provide opportunities for people to enjoy a range of activities, which can benefit their quality of life, physical and emotional wellbeing, and help them to feel more socially connected.

The Midlands C2 National Network Learning Hub

Community Ventures has been recognised by C2NN as one of 3 regional Centres of Excellence for their outstanding work consistently delivered in communities in Stoke on Trent.

Multi Lingual Community Support

We aim to help our new emigration to integrate within the British society and become valued community members. Community Ventures offer independent, confidential and impartial advice on issues in more than 15 different languages

Emotional Wellbeing coaching for families

We use a combination of coaching, training, and conversation to empower people to build their confidence, boost their self worth and to provide them with the vision and direction necessary to make positive life choices that will help them to thrive in their community and beyond.

Community Pain & Problems that we reduce and solve.

Lonliness & Isolation - Poor Housing conditions - Homelessness - Poor emotional wellbeing – Lack of opportunities – lack of community social activities – Vulnerable Adults & Children – Lack of connections – Distrust & poor relationships with local public agencies – ASB – Youth Violence – Knife Crime – Poor Health - Lack of support to build community groups – Fly Tipping & Environmental issues – Lack of job & career prospects – Lack of learning opportunities – Poor Communication between services & community – Lack of uptake in community activities & events - No social Value understanding - No shared learning -

It is fantastic work that has inspired amazing results and stories.

Our website is www.communityventures.co.uk if you would like to learn more about this service.

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