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Coaching or Counselling???

Updated: May 17, 2019

Something that gets brought up by young people in our schools is that they feel stressed, anxious, or have anger issues. We have also had cases where youngsters have disclosed that they have self harmed and felt suicidal due to pressures or challenges they are struggling to deal with.

Many refer to the use of councillors and mental health services such as CAMHS who they have accessed in the past. I have no doubts that these services would have attempted to do all they can for these youngsters and that they do a great job.

In my experience we are finding that sometimes all that is required is a little coaching to move a young person from A-B. We briefly discuss their concerns and the situation that they are struggling with, before then working together to develop a plan that they can implement to help to deal with their problems more effectively. They of course often require additional support along the way and that’s where our coaching comes into play.

Many Workforce’s and professional athletes now employ or hire coaches all the time who help them to overcome challenges and to get better results. Of course anxiety & stress will be discussed here but their coaches are never referred to as councillors or mental health services.

I can’t help but think... what if schools adopted the same approach as these successful workforce’s and athletes with their students and they began to coach them to deal better with the pressure they feel and provide coaching tips that provide youngsters with the certainty that they need to perform better and to achieve the fantastic results which they both desire.

My general feeling is that the language has changed a lot over the years. I faced many situations when I was a child outside of school that could be deemed extremely stressful nowadays and I probably felt “fed up” at times.

However when I reflect upon it, it was probably my involvement in sports, the time I spent out with my friends and doing activities that I enjoyed that ensured that the good times & emotions always outweighed the bad.

At TWMAD we encourage youngsters to work out when they are in flow, and spend as much time there as possible because when they are doing the things that they love, time flies by and nothing else matters.


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