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When the news broke 2 weeks ago about the horrific murder of George Floyd, despite being disgusted at what I saw, I was not surprised one bit and my general feeling was just that, this is just another one to add to the list. It’s like these killings of innocent black people had become normal, as sickening as that sounds, personally I still had the thoughts that this was a problem for the US to sort out.

However the movement that it has created across the globe and most importantly for me in the UK and locally has been amazing to see. I’m proud that so many people are standing up and shouting from the rooftops that#blacklivesmatter. CHANGE is happening and I’m hopeful that there will also be a lot more, and the world will become a fairer place.

Prior to this incident, I had been doing some reading up on the UK and our own historic issues with racism and that paired with this had led to me reflecting on the many times where I have felt that I have been judged and treated differently because of the colour of my skin or been subject to racist abuse either directly or when I’ve been in earshot. It’s a horrible experience that people who have only been subjected to it can express.

Being somebody who works in the community I’m gonna try and use any influence I have and I’m

thinking of how I can support#blacklivesmatterand any people who I know supporting the movement.

One final thing, just an observation from me from spending some disturbing moments looking over the circus my social media feed has become.....

1) as people we don’t have to have something to say about everything that goes on in life.

You could look at situations and decide I haven’t got anything good to say so I won’t say nothing at all.

2) you could look at how you could expand your knowledge on a subject before commenting.(it’s not a race, likes aren’t that important)

3) You could just begin to look at things from as many different perspectives as possible before ya get busy on the keyboard.

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